Beta Testing Program

This program is successfully finished -

Help us shape the future of long-term value investment on crypto is the first-ever gamified protocol for long-term crypto investors (called HODLERS). They lock-up their cryptos with a set period and get a constant bonus during their lock-up whenever other users fail to HODL (withdraw their funds within the lock-up period). All of these actions are automatically implemented by the smart contract without a third party between the HODLERS.

Become a beta tester for and help us make this innovative protocol safer and more widely adopted in the fastest growing decentralised finance industry.

How to apply

  1. Please fill out this application form to become a beta tester.

  2. We will select a maximum of 100 testers for this program and send you an invitation to join the testers group.

  3. You will perform the testing via simple steps to assess the protocol via the beta version -

Application form -


  • Starting date of sending out beta invitations: Nov 10th, 2020

  • Testing period: Nov 10th - 27th, 2020

    (You can apply anytime before the testing period is closed. We will selectively send out invitations on a rolling basis.)

Overall process of the beta testing

  1. All the testing activities will be performed via the Goerli Ethereum test network.

  2. You will receive test tokens (ETH, WETH, WBTC and HUNT).

  3. There is a total of five testing items - lock-up, break/withdraw, unlock, claim bonus and claim WRN. Please check this guide book for more details about the beta testing -

Testers benefit

  • All selected beta testers who successfully complete the testing and submit the report will receive $100 worth of HUNT tokens at the end of the beta period.

  • You will be one of the earliest users to experience this new DeFi protocol without any transaction costs.

  • You can also earn up to $2,000 from the Bug Bounty Program.


Who will get picked to be a beta tester?

  • A person who has a wide range of experiences from blockchain-based applications and DeFi (decentralised finance) protocols.

  • A person who really needs protocol to enhance his/her long-term crypto investment.

  • A person who has highly active social/blogging channels.

Does it cost money?

No. All the testing activities will be performed via the Goerli Ethereum network, so you have no need to pay any real transaction fees (we will provide all the necessary testing tokens).

Do I receive compensation for the beta testing?

Yes. All selected beta testers who complete the testing items and successfully submit the report will receive $100 worth of HUNT tokens at the end of the beta period. Also, you can participate in the Bug Bounty Program to earn up to $2,000 rewards.

Is beta software confidential?

No. All the contract codes of are open sources via the Github repo -

How do I submit the report?

Each testing item has its own submission form.

Please read the Beta Testing Guidebook for more details here -

How do I provide additional feedback?

We will invite you to the beta testers Discord group and you can freely chat with other testers and us.

How do I leave the beta program?

Please send us an email via if you want to opt out during the beta testing period with the following information:

  • Name

  • Discord ID

  • Email address that you put in the application form

  • Reason for opting out

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